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“He distrusted those ideas that were always too precise to fit reality,
which, he learnt by experience, is absolutely flowing” George Simenon, Maigret and the Idle Burglar

The 5 pillars of our vision

  • 1. We are a global partnership of entrepreneurs. This means that, unlike some managers, we have to take care of our business by ourselves. This basic evidence is the most important and significant implication on which the difference between an industrial and a financial approach lies.
  • 2. We like communication because we believe in the relationships between people, in thought and empathy. Therefore we love our job, we respect our clients, we want to grow together with our co-workers. Our business ethic is not a codex, but an experience.
  • 3. The intrinsic wealth of the different cultures and approaches found in the network will never be compromised in favour of a mono cultural vision. The Global partnership is built on common standards, but the multicultural richness is a distinctive element that brings quality to our business.
  • 4. We are and will stay focused on people because this is the most valuable guarantee we can give customers seeking a high level of professionalism and consultancy that can only be provided by skilled, motivated professionals.
  • 5. We have a long term project: this is why our development plan for the next 3 to 5 years is extremely ambitious. We are listed on the stock exchange in order to be transparent, to become a true public company over time, owned by those who work within it. We aim to ensure that our Group has the resources to sustain the investment capacity required for managing with our development objectives.


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